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Intensive Services Foster Care (ISFC)

Young woman with adopted African America

ISFC serves as an alternative means of providing care to youth instead of high-level group homes and prevent multiple out-of-home placements.  Our ISFC families are highly trained in crisis management, trauma informed parenting and de-escalation techniques, which assist with higher level behavioral needs. While the youth is placed with an ISFC family, the Resource Parents provide nurturing support and help maintain family of origin bonds as appropriate.  Each youth in the ISFC will receive supportive services to address their individual needs.  These needs may include addressing significant emotional and behavioral problems, receiving additional mental health services, medical care, and adjustment from transitioning from a group home.  

In addition to providing additional services for the youth, the family is eligible to receive Family Support Services from the Agency. Youth with Family Support Specialists are provided a one-on-one advocate and behavior interventionalist, who responds to crisis situations and provides useful coping skills to help youth with emotional regulation. Additionally, the family is assigned a highly skilled ISFC trained Agency Social Worker who is available 24/7 for any emergent situations that may arise.

Potential Resource Parents complete screening and approval.  They must complete an additional 40 hours of trauma informed care, crisis de-escalation, and mental health training. Resource Parents caring for these youth help address behavioral concerns with providing and modeling positive behaviors.  This in turn will help youth grow and thrive in their home, school, and community environment.

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